About Royalbadges

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Our company has been specialised for many years in the production of high quality premium and advertising badges. We deliver in over 50 countries..
Our customers base is extensive from private individuals to renowed major firms. Our customers are from all over Europe. We have provided support for countless advertising partners within the industry, commerce and media sector.

We prioritise recource conservation and ecological sustainability in our products. Through the adoption of renewable energy sources, we actively reduce our carbon emissions. Additionally, we diligently minimize waste generation and promote recycling to a circular economy.
Furthermore, we are committed to bucking the trend of temporary work models by creating stable, permanent employment opportunities, all while aligning our strategies with the well-being and needs of our valued employees.

Our in-house production ensures stringent quality standards throughout every phase, including specialised packing tailored to meet our customers' exact specifications, resulting in a successful final product that exceeds expecttations.

Royalbadges: The sustainable button manufacturer

Royalbadges is not only a manufacturer of high-quality buttons in many sizes and shapes, but also a pioneer in sustainability. Royalbadges ecologically generates 80% of the electricity and heating needs for the entire production and offices itself - with its own solar system and electricity storage!

The remaining 20% of the energy demand is covered by a sustainable green power provider. So you can be sure that you not only get great buttons, but also do something good for the environment. Order now at Royalbadges and benefit from fast shipping, fair prices and first-class service!

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The People behind Royalbadges

We attribute our substantial achievements in quality and service to our dedicated and highly skilled team. To learn more about who we are and what we can do for you, please explore our employee gallery and staff overview.


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