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Name tags as an all-round carefree package

You need buttons for a congress, a trade fair or a wedding with the names of the guests?

We can implement this for you. Our complete range with all sizes, shapes and fastening types is available to you.

All we need from you is an Excel list with the required names and a background motif on which the name is to be placed. It is also advantageous if you also send us a preview of the motif with the name set, so that the name is exactly where you want it.

Name badges

Structure of the Excel sheet

Please arrange your Excel list in such a way that each row contains your complete imprint for one button. One column represents one line on the button. Define in row 1 the type of data below (name, first name, etc.).

In this example, "Mr. Michael Jones" is the complete imprint for one button, with "Mr.", "Michael" and "Jones" each in one line on the finished button.

1 Title First name Last name
2 Mr. Michael Jones
3 Mrs. Sarah Rogers
4 Mr. Dr. John Smith
5 ... ... ...
6 ... ... ...

Name badges

Order personalization

To get your name buttons, put the product "Name badges" in the shopping cart. In this product you directly upload your name list.

Here you have the possibility to upload a preview for the placement of the names.

Order name badges now

upload artwork

Upload motive

Because it is important to us to be able to offer you the entire product range as a selection, you order the buttons for your name badges directly via the normal ordering process. Either as a direct upload or via the button designer.

In the shopping cart you will find 2 products. Your buttons with the basic artwork and the product name tags.

Add buttons

Preview as PDF

Preview included

With this service, you will be in direct contact with one of our graphics staff and will receive a complete preview via email for review before your buttons are printed. As soon as we receive your approval, the buttons go to print and production.

The price includes one correction of your personalization. Each additional correction will be charged with 5,00 € incl. VAT. Therefore, conscientiously check your created list, as well as the proof sent by us.

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