Screen Print Pins

Screen Print Pins

With the Screen printed Pin your design is printed onto the base plate using colourfast full tones and then punched into the appropiate shape.

To protect the colours a layer of epoxy resin is applied afterwards.

The colour result is similar to the soft enamel pin, as your special colours are individually selected for you, from a wide colour palette. In contrast to the enamel pins, there are no metal bars between the individual coloured areas. However no colour gradient is possible.

Quick Overview

  • High level of detail
  • Production is very cost effective
  • Individual shape
  • No bars between the colour
  • Includes epoxy resin for protection
  • No colour gradients
  • Clear strong colours
  • True colour tones
  • Particularly suitable for larger quantities

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, you can decide how high quality you want your pin to be.

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overview types of pins

You can give the metal of your pin a different colour by using different platings.

Find out more about plating
Pin Plating

In addition to the classic butterfly fastener, we also offer several other options for attaching your pins.

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Pin Fasteners

Find out how you should create the motif for your pin.

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Design specifications

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