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Step by step to your own badge

Step 1: Choose size and shape

Badges in different sizes and shapes
round, oval, square or rectangular

Browse through our range of badges, you are guaranteed to find the right badge in the right shape and size.

Which sizes and shapes are available at Royalbadges?

Badges in different sizes

Step 2: Choose the back of your badge

many types of fastenings and reverse sides
for numerous uses

With magnet, clip or mirror, as key chain or clock, with stick on or velcro. Just choose the most suitable one.

Which types of fastening can I choose for my badge?

Step 3: Choose your special optic

many special optics
Badges with the special effect

We print you design in metallic-optic, in neoncolour,put it on fabric and make it glow in the dark.

Stand out from the crowd with our special optics!

With which special optics I can upgrade my badges?

Step 4: Create the badge

Order a badge using your own design.
Create your own design in your desired program and upload your print-ready file. (Template Download)

Create badges with the badgedesigner
With our Badgedesigner you can design your badges in an instant by inserting your pictures and texts.


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Simply upload your finished design or create it online with our Badgedesigner.

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prices, delivery times and payment options


You can calculate product prices based on our price scale. The price is valid for one design and is inclusive of printing.

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delivery times

Standard Delivery: 4-5 business days
Express Delivery: 1-2 business days

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Credit Card

Credit Card

Badges neon

The PLUS in performance
Royalbadges offers many more services e.g. in the field of personalisation and packaging.


You need badges for a convention, a fair or a wedding with the names of the guests? We can do this for you. For this we need only an excel-list with the required names and if desired, a background motif on which the name should be set.

More about personalisation.



Much is possible, whether on cards, in bags or even provided with barcode ... We are happy to assist you in your brainstorming and develop with you your individual product.

More about packaging.


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