Make badges yourself

You would like to design and make your own badges or magnets? For this we offer a wide range of different options and useful accessories. Whether with or without a badge machine - create your personalised pin badges! Do it yourself!

Alternatively you can also print badges with your motif at Royalbadges.


  • Original Badgemachines
  • and Punch Cutters from the USA
  • As lease machine, used machine or new part
  • Equipment and Parts

We offer you badgemachines and equipment to make professional badges yourself. You can also borrow machines and the associated punches for a fee.
Our extensive range of accessories leaves nothing to be desired. With our badgemachines and equiment, you not only have the opportunity to produce your own badge with pin, but also fridge magnets, key chains, bottle openers and many more.

All blankbadges and machines are produced in USA.

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Stick on pad

  • crafting badges without a machine
  • Select motif, remove adhesive pad and stick on
  • Diameter 40mm
  • for short-term use - not moisture resistant

Ecologically produced needle carrier with adhesive pad, for sticking on motif carton or other suitable materials.
Draw or print your own designs and cut or punch them in any shape.Now only the glue back has to be attached and the badge with your message is ready to use. So fast and flexible!

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Wood badges

  • blank woodbadge with back clip
  • oval 50x40x20mm
  • easy attachment to various objects
  • versatile use

Whether painted, decorated or glued - with these wooden badges, your ideas have no limits. Design beautiful name tags, gift tags or use the badges for your advent calendar.

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  • make badges yourself without badge machine
  • Print or paint your motif → insert and click together
  • with Pin
  • Magnet
  • or as Medaille with ribbon

A click badge consists of two plastic parts. These can be detached from each other at any time and another picture can be inserted. In addition, we offer various fastening methods.
The plastic badges are child friendly and easy to assemble. Available in sizes 50mm and 60mm in diameter.

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Clickbadges in different sizes and with different types of fastening

Create your badge

  • in a few steps to your own badge
  • Design it online with our badgecreator
  • or simply upload a finished motif

Royalbadges offers a variety of different badgetypes,which we print according to your wishes. You have the possiblity to upload a finished motive or you create and design your individuall badge with our badgecreator.

Our badges are available in different sizes, shapes and types of fastening: Pin Badges, Magnet Badges, Butterfly Back Badges, Mirror Badges, Bottle Opener Badges,with Clip, Velcro, Stick-on Badges and a few more.Furthermore we offer some finishing options: matte, glitter , metallic finish, neon and much more.

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Design it Yourself – Royalbadges takes over the rest

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