Cast Metal Pins

The Cast Metal Pin is particularly suitable for larger or three-dimensional designs.

A mold is created for your design into which the liquid Zinc Alloy is poured to produce the pin.

This special process enables your pin to have both a plastic depiction and interlaced, free-standing details.

Most cast metal pins do not require any additional colouring if you still need colour,soft enamel is available.

Quick Overview

  • 3-dimensional pins are possible
  • Cut outs are possible
  • A realistic look
  • Zinc Alloy
  • Individual colour accents with enamel
  • Several layers possible
  • Galvanised finished pins
  • Delicate interlaced possible

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, you can decide how high quality you want your pin to be.

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overview types of pins

You can give the metal of your pin a different colour by using different platings.

Find out more about plating
Pin Plating

Find out how you should create the motif for your pin.

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Design specifications

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