Pins in Offset-Print

The Offset-Pin is the most uncomplicated in production. The printing is done using the mixed colour system. As with any common ink or laser printer the colours are mixed from the 4 primary colours cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

By mixing the colours you have the opportunity to represent your design realistically on your pin, from colour gradients to photos everything is possible.

To protect your motif, the pin is sealed with an epoxy resin layer.

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  • Accurate detail
  • Highly cost effective to produce
  • Die Cut
  • Includes epoxy resin for protection
  • Uncomplicated production
  • No bars between the colours
  • Mixed colours of cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
  • Especially ideal for photos and gradients

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, you can decide how high quality you want your pin to be.

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overview types of pins

You can give the metal of your pin a different colour by using different platings.

Find out more about plating
Pin Plating

Find out how you should create the motif for your pin.

To the motif specifications
Design specifications

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