Antique Pins

Antique/Relief Pins

With theAntique Pin your design isembossed into metal and then the shape is punched out. Similar to the sandblasted pin, the antique pin also comes without any other colours.

However it impresses with itsantique look, which emphasizes itssubtle sculptural appearance.

As with older coins, you will see darker areas in the corners and edges which make your pin look antique yet elegant.

Quick Overview

  • Antique alloy emphasizes individual layers
  • High contrast metal layers
  • Subtle sculptural appearance
  • Pin design black and white, no colours
  • Embossed pin
  • Die cut
  • Galvanised finish

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, you can decide how high quality you want your pin to be.

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You can give the metal of your pin a different colour by using different platings.

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Pin Plating

Find out how you should create the motif for your pin.

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Design specifications

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