Here you will find important information and tips about how to create your badge design. You will also find templates for Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw, Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop.

Templates for round and oval badges

  • round badge 22mm
  • round badge 25mm
  • round badge 32 mm
  • round badge 37mm
  • round badge 44mm
  • oval badge 45x70mm
  • round badge 50mm
  • round badge 56mm
  • round badge 64mm
  • round badge 76mm
  • round badge 89mm
  • round badge 101mm
  • round badge 152mm

Templates for square and rectangular badges

  • square badge 25x25mm
  • square badge 40x40mm
  • square badge 52x52mm
  • rectangular badge 44x68mm
  • rectangular badge 51x76mm
  • rectangular badge 64x89mm
  • rectangular badge 38x114mm

Templates for eco-friendly badges

  • round eco badge 33mm
  • round eco badge 41mm
  • round eco badge 46mm
  • square eco badge 51x51mm
  • round eco badge 53mm
  • round eco badge 66mm
  • oval eco badge 59x82mm

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