Details of our special optics

Badges with special effect stand out from the crowd when using our special optics. Shiny, glittery, matte, metallic, reflective or glow in the dark. Learn more about our different special optics.

Matte badges
matts & scratch resistant

These badges are covered with a protective foil, which makes your badges look matte! In addition, these badges are scratch resistant

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metallic shine

In contrast to the normal badges, all white areas of your motif are silver and all other colours, depending on the colour get a metallic shine.

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Glitter badges
iridescent and sparkling

This special optic makes your badges sparkle like a jewel. The use of black and white or colour combinations with high contrast (no fine lines) is recommended.

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Fabric badges
Badges with structure

Your design is printed on finely textured fabric. Therefore we recommend not to choose a too detailed design or thin writings on your design. Fine details maybe difficult to recognize.

fabric structure
fabric structure

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intense luminosity

Particularly striking are our badges in the neon colours yellow, orange, green, pink and red! To avoid colour distortions only black and white motifs are printed. All white areas in your subject appear in the selected neon colour.

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Gold leaf-badges
shiny finish

Very unusual badges are available with our gold collection.The badges are covered with gold leaf. Whether it's your company logo or the occasion is a golden wedding – These badges are as customizable as normal badges.

We recommend a monochrome print.
Prices and delivery times on request.

Your are interesting in our gold leaf badges, contact us.


reflective badges
radiant glare effect

Whether during a walk, jogging, cycling or on the way to school - our reflector badges ensure safety in the dark or in poor visibility.

All white areas become silver gray and light up later when the badge is illuminated. We recommend the use of black and white motifs or motifs with large colour contrasts. A white print is not possible.

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fluorescent badges
glow in the dark

During the day your badges look just as brilliant as normal badges. When it's dark, all the bright areas on your motif will light up. So your badges are still at night even to advantage. Nice colours and a bright, colourful print result with a long luminosity are possible.

Please note anyway:
  • the less colour applied and the brighter the colour, the more the motif illuminates at this point
  • with diminishing luminosity, simply charge for a few seconds with a light source (flashlight)

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