Pin Draft Specifications

Pin Draft Specifications

For the best possible implementation of your pin we recommend that you creat your design as a vector file and save it as a PDF file. The offset pins are excluded from this as colour gradients cannot be implemented.

It is helpful when you print out your design in the desired size to check your pin design. This means you can review the fonts and lines in advance.

Please send us your pin motif as a JPG or PDF file.

Before production begins you will receive a JPG from us as a Proof, which will only be passed on to production after your approval.

If you have an idea of your design but do not have the means to implement it, we will be happy to help you with our experience and create your design for you.

Thanks to the different manufacturing processes, you can decide how high quality you want your pin to be.

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You can give the metal of your pin a different colour by using different platings.

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Pin Plating

In addition to the classic butterfly fastener, we also offer several other options for attaching your pins.

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Pin Fasteners

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