Environmentally Friendly Eco Badges

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eco badges eco badges back sides

With pin, these sizes are available:

eco badges all sizes pin

With magnet for attachment on clothing, these sizes are available:

eco badges all sizes magnet

We have successfully implemented the idea of an ecologically produced badge. It serves the same purpose as a normal metal badge, but is produced much more energy efficient and resource-friendly.

Use our recycling programme for magnets! Just mail us your used magnets. We will check them and you will receive 0,175 GBP incl. VAT for double magnets and 0,0437 GBP incl. VAT for single power magnets.

  • made entirely of recycled cardboard
  • no energy consuming import routes
  • can be disposed of in the waste-paper
  • not moisture resistant (rain)
  • not suitable for long term daily use but for short term use
  • suitable for demos, birthdays, parties, etc.

material certificates:
material certificates

Order the Eco Badge here

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