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  • Clothing Magnets
  • Clothing Magnets
  • Clothing Magnets
  • Clothing Magnets
These badges are equipped with power magnets with a strong traction ranging from 500-1600g (depending on badge size).

Power Magnet:
The power magnet is a strong magnet that reliably holds your badge even on thick fabric like coats.

Multi Magnet:
Due to the casing this power magnet is handy and easy to use. It has the same properties as the single power magnet, but in addition, the coating protects the magnet from breaking, in case you drop it accidentally. There are 2 possible uses for the multi magnet: you can either use it on clothing or attach it to magnetic pin boards or refrigerators.

Double Magnet:
The double magnet is a strong power magnet used on larger badges. It holds 2 magnets encased in plastic and has the same properties as the other magnet types.

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Magnet Badges for Clothing - The Elegant and Gentle Attachment

For an attachment that leaves no traces behind.

A badge with safety pin can leave traces behind especially on fine fabrics like festive clothes or when it is used repeatedly, e.g., as name tag or ID badge. That is why magnet badges for clothing are the better solution for such applications. The magnets won't leave traces and can be reused again and again.

Multi Magnet, Power Magnet, Double Magnet - 3 Different Magnet Versions for Your Needs

With clothing magnets we differentiate between 3 different magnet versions, depending on application and badge size. The larger badges are usually equipped with a so called double magnet. It consists of two strong magnets encased in solid plastic. This ensures that even bigger badges remain fastened to your wardrobe, even when you are using thicker fabrics like coats. If you drop the double magnet accidentally, it is protected by the casing and will not brake. This way it is perfect for repeated and permanent use.

Smaller badges will make use of the multi magnet. It is similar to the double magnet, but it holds only one magnet in the plastic case. That makes the multi magnet also suitable for repeated and permanent use, just like the double magnet.

The single power magnet is the most cost-efficient magnet attachment. It is a single neodymium magnet that is 3mm thick and has a diameter of 10mm.

All of the magnet versions are suitable for name tags for conferences, parties or elegant events. All of our magnets are generally strong magnets with enormous tractive force. This way you can rely on the magnets to stick to your wardrobe securely.

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